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What do you see? A duck or a rabbit?

There are always two perspective in a relationship.  You and your boo may not see things the same, that doesn't mean one person is right and one person is wrong.  Communicate and try to understand from his/her point of view.  Effective communication can save your relationship. 

The Impact...

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"I stumbled across a show you and your husband was doing on the radio about infidelity amongst spouses. I found the show to have been a great help to my peace of mind at that time.  So thanks to you and your husband for that."


Broken Heart

After the "I do's" and honeymoon, creating a new life with another person can become challenging.  

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“Thank you for the add.  I truly believe it wasn't by accident that I came across your video but God's divine plan."


Kelly P. 

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“Remon thank you for being transparent in the book. Until I read the book, I was guilt of rushing my wife's healing after I hurt her. I was tripping and I'm happy I bought this book."


A Woke Husband 


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